Empowering the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Offering you a new Paradigm in Integrative Medicine: blending the newest findings of Quantum Physics with Natural Medicine.and providing  spiritual solutions to such health concerns as: degenerative diseases, emotional & physical pain, aging, spititual discontent and more...
We are inviting everyone to explore Medicine within consciousness and reclaim your right to heal, using consciousness as the ultimate source of healing.
With the alternative  medicine approach we teach you that:

  • All possibilities for healing exist within consciousness, which is the source of true healing We allways have a choice to chose between health and dis-ease. 
  • Everything is energy and thus it is not fixed. Consciouness allows us to choose from infinite possibilities and recreate ourselves each moment of our lives.
  • Natural medicine allows us to reclaim out health and unlock our healing potential.
  • By identifying the "root cause", we can preven and reverse the symptoms. We need to address the spiritual causes as the part of the deeper healing.
  • You can take care of your health in a natural way.
  • Alternative medicine acknowledges the power of the Quantum Self, which is pure awareness and potentiality.

  We view the body as a complex integrated life-energy system that provide vehicle for human consciousness as well as a temporary housing for creative expression of human soul. In the world of quantum medicine, illness is thought to be caused not only by germs, chemicals, toxins, and physical trauma, but also by chronic dysfunctional emotional-energy pattern and unhealthy ways of relating to ourselves and other people.
We employ different forms of energy , both electromagnetic and subtle life energy, to bring about healing changes in the body, mind and spirit of the individual.
We offer a variety of techniques people can use to achieve states of consciouness associated with better health, well-being and creative expression. Our conscousness strongly influences health in many subtle ways. We work with balancing the subtle bodies and charkas, affected by our thoughts and emotions.

To detect & correct vital energy imbalances, we use Ancient Chinese Medicine,  Ayurveda  principles, 5 pillars of health,  and the new insights from the quantum  medicine :Quantum Biofeedback, Chakra Medicine, Quantum Homeopathy, Electro-Acupuncture techniques.

Self Heal invites everyone to “grow” in their health, longevity and vitality from the mode of degeneration-oxidation to a mode of regeneration-transformation to a new you!

Perfect health is achieved when Physical-Vital-Mental-Supramental bodies are in tune and congruence with the true source. At that point positive health will express itself in joy, vitality and perfect harmony with life.