Stress Relief with Quantum Biofeedback
Biofeedback is a noninvasive therapeutic technology that scans and harmonizes the body's stresses and imbalances. With the help of the Indigo Quantum Biofeedback system, we can painlessly and non-invasively look at reactions to common stressors and begin to assemble a complete picture.

The Indigo Device is connected to the client via a head strap, and wrist and ankle bands. Most people find the biofeedback experience relaxing, soothing and beneficial. The side effects of biofeedback may include these possibilities:

   * Ability to relax more quickly
   * Deeper state of relaxation during sleep
   * Easier to fall asleep and stay asleep
   * Reduction of stress and hypertension
   * Improved general health
   * Increase in amount of calmness and peacefulness
   * Reduction of anger
   * Less fearfulness
   * Fewer anxiety attacks
   * Amelioration of sorrow
   * Reduction of the depth of depression
   * Heightened muscle mobility
   * Enhanced mental clarity
   * Able to pay attention more consistently
   * Better focus of attention
   * Deeper concentration and enhanced memory
   * Less attention to pain and stressors
   * Less concentration on pain and stressors
   * Fewer feelings of pain and stress
   * Less intense focus on pain and stressors


• We do not diagnose. We analyze information.
• We do not treat. We assist in normalizing energetic imbalances.
• We do not prescribe. We offer options to alleviate conditions.
• We do not cure. We facilitate in normalizing a condition.

This device does not create a diagnosis. Only a licensed practitioner knows how to analyze the information generated by the Indigo and discover the presence of stress for the client. The device is tool used by the health practitioner, so no claims are made on the system or the results.
The techniques and methods of Quantum Biofeedback stress reduction include addressing areas those most typically affected by the stressors of "every-day living". Some examples of these methods and areas are the "tri-vector", "auto-meridian", "auto-frequency", "auto-color", "auto-spinal", "chakra", and brain wave pattern relaxation.